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Risk Management

Our goal at Capital Providers is to ensure that we extend additional risk management services to you. These services include management of claims and loss control.

We understand the consequences of open claims and we have a plan in place for each client to ensure claims are rapidly closed. In addition to that, each one of our clients has direct access to safety tools, documents, and videos.

Our commercial insurance plans are comprehensive and curated to your specific industry's needs.

We offer support and guidance to our clients in meeting safety requirements for their employees, while also providing additional services that are extended to all of our clients.

You can expect the following from our Risk Management Services:
A dedicated and experienced support team, access to resources that can help reduce your total cost of risk, and active risk control. There are a myriad of risks associated with owning and operating your own business, which are constantly evolving and we know how to meet the specific requirements.

We make it a priority to stay ahead of the game, so that these risks don’t adversely affect your business.

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Having a small business is tough enough as it is without property owners breathing down your neck to make sure you have proper insurance. I was worried that it would cost to much or be too much of a hassle but within a couple days after speaking with CPIS, I felt so much more at east. I couldn’t be happier with their service.

- Jason A.
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The agents here are amazing - they go above and beyond to form personal relationships with their clients so that they can really assess their needs. My agent was so approachable and easy to access, even after business hours. I’m glad I am working with a company that really listens to my concerns as a business owner.

- Laura K.
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They really listens to my concerns as a business owner... Our company uses Capital Providers for all of our business insurance needs. They provide excellent service and take the time to review and provide updates if there are recommended changes.

- Alex S.
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